Solar is a Smart Business Decision. 


Solar power offers many benefits to a business.

Businesses that use 200,000 kWh+/year, own their own buildings or have a long term lease can realize:

  • Lower and predictable utility operating costs.
  • Business Tax Credit, Accelerated MACRS Depreciation, State and Utility Incentives.

  • Reliable equipment with low maintenance costs.

  • Increased property value.

  • Solar panels demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Solar power is a distributive power generation technology, distributive power is power generated at the point of consumption making it an excellent technology to reduce utility needs during peak hour electricity consumption.

George H. Thomas


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I work as a client advocate for businesses interested in installing solar on their company-owned or long-term leased facilities. I focus on educating a business on the economic and environmental value that solar energy brings to the business. My service facilitates the initial stages of a solar project, from feasibility to choosing the right solar installer.