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Here is how my service works:

  • The client provides one year of utility information for the facility.

  • Solar Site Design creates a preliminary solar site plan with payback schedule, ROI  and 30-year electric savings.

  • When the client approves the initial plan, we send the plan to the solar site design marketplace of installers nationwide.

  • I provide the client with two to five tier 1 solar installers bids for the project.

  • I help the client find the right fit for their project, then the client and solar installer create a contract.

  • I am available to facilitate any logistics during the installation.


George H. Thomas


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I work as a client advocate for businesses interested in installing solar on their company owned or long term leased facilities. I focus on educating a business on the economic and environmental value that solar energy brings to a business. My service facilitates the initial stages of a solar project, from feasibility to choosing the right solar installer.
With my partner Solar Site Design, we offer a complimentary solar site survey with detailed payback schedule, ROI and 30-year electric savings schedule. With the clients approval of the initial site survey, we present to the client two to five competitive bids for turnkey, solar installations from a marketplace of solar installers nationwide.