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Solar Financing for Non-Profits

15% off any Solar Installers Bid

IRS rules exclude nonprofits from utilizing solar tax benefits because of their tax exempt status. Using Collective Sun proprietary funding models, a nonprofit can access financial incentives while guaranteeing the least expensive funding options available. 

CollectiveSun’s innovative financing model applies tax credits that reduce the cost of your any nonprofit or tax exempt organizations nonprofit’s solar project by 15%!

CrowdLending for Nonprofits and Faith Communities

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Some examples include:

  • Churches, synagogues, mosques and all faith based organizations. 
  • Municipalities including schools, civil, fire, police, library and transitional housing.
  • Hospitals, food banks and other community service organizations.
  • Arts & culture organizations, environmental organizations, veterans organizations. 
  • Animal shelters, youth organizations, food banks. 
  • HOA’s, golf, tennis, yacht and sports clubs.


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CrowdLending Campaign

A small group of supporters from the nonprofit provide a loan (an unsecured note) to the nonprofit. The nonprofit uses this loan to pay for the pre funded PPA (85% of the installer cost, after the 15% has been applied). “Prefunded” PPAs are funded by community members who profit from the transaction, thereby keeping dollars in the community.

Going to your community and using the CollectiveSun CrowdLending platform means your nonprofit will pay substantially less and your community members are the ones that will benefit. A bank loan is one method to finance solar, along with donations, cash reserves, PACE loan and the CollectiveSun CrowdLending platform.Banks typically categorize nonprofits as “risky” investments and to mitigate the perceived risk, they attach exceptionally high interest rates to the transaction.

CollectiveSun believes there are better ways to fund solar projects than cannibalizing reserves or asking for yet another round of donations. Instead, CollectiveSun operates a proprietary funding platform that allows nonprofits to offer an investment to their supporters that pays back with interest.

CollectiveSun understands all nonprofits are unique which is why each and every crowdlending campaign is unique. To oversee and make sure each campaign is successful, CollectiveSun assigns a dedicated campaign manager to each project. Your manager provides you with expertise, materials, best practices, and support throughout your entire community driven campaign.

CollectiveSun respects nonprofits confidential contact lists so our their managers create customized email content for you to control and send out to your stakeholders directly. CollectiveSun campaign managers are experts at developing campaigns that motivate

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